Key Questions to Advance Racial Equity in Business Practices

In brief: The number of conversations around institutional and systemic racism has grown significantly in recent weeks. Stakeholder expectations of corporations’ responses to institutional racism have grown. Words of support are no longer enough; stakeholders are demanding actions to combat institutional racism. Boards must work alongside their management teams to understand their long-standing business practices that may contribute to institutional racism, and where they can provide oversight to ensure the growth of racial diversity and inclusion within all levels of the corporation.  

This resource can help your board to 

  • identify business practices that contribute to perpetuating institutional racism in the corporation;
  • provide oversight of racial diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within your company; and
  • evaluate the diversity of the company’s supplier and contractor base.

Most relevant audiences: nominating and governance committee chairs, nominating and governance committee members, compensation committee chairs, and compensation committee members