COVID-19 and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Adaptive Governance

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In brief: Explore NACD's guide on adaptive leadership for board insights on how to continue to govern effectively through the coronavirus crisis and prepare for recovery. We have drawn upon our network of more than 21,000 directors through recommendations from our most-relevant, director-led Blue Ribbon Commission reports, other thought-leadership publications, extensive director interviews, and data analysis. Each section includes a complementary set of resources and tools to help turn these rich and diverse insights into action.

Our guidance centers on the concept of adaptive governance and outlines five key questions that boards must address to govern effectively through this challenging period.

This resource can help your board to address the following key questions:

  • BOARD-MANAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT: How can the board be a strategic asset to their companies in this crisis without overburdening management?
  • BOARD EFFECTIVENESS: How can the board maintain its effectiveness?
  • PERFORMANCE AND PAY: How should the board evaluate management's performance, leadership, and pay?
  • COMMUNICATION: How should our companies communicate with shareholders and stakeholders? What should the role of the board be in company communications?
  • LONG-TERM RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES: What new risks and opportunities, unleashed by a new operating environment, should the board be anticipating? How should the board be responding to them?

 Most relevant audiences: Lead directors, independent chairs, board committee chairs, and directors