Blue Ribbon Commission

NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: 2020 Update of the Diverse Board

By NACD Staff


DE&I Blue Ribbon Commission Report

In brief: The year 2020 has seen a renewed focus on conversations around social justice, dismantling systemic racism, and diversity—all of which have forced boards of directors to look inward and to understand the importance of having a diverse board.

This year, NACD revisited our 2012 Blue Ribbon Commission report on The Diverse Board. The piece reexamined the acute issue of board diversity and the demand for a diverse board of directors from critical stakeholders and shareholders alike. This report delves into the benefits of having a lead director focused on increasing diversity in the boardroom, creating a succession plan for the board that includes diverse candidates, and ensuring that the board incorporates an inclusive culture to foster diversity.

This resource can help your board to

  • communicate the need for a diverse board of directors,
  • understand the investor perspective on board diversity, and
  • develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee charter.

Most relevant audiences: Lead directors, nominating and governance committee chairs, and nominating and governance committee members

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