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Avoid Climate Efforts’ Unintended Consequences

By Gary J. DiElsi


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In their determination to achieve corporate goals addressing climate change, many management teams and boards are looking for ways to move their companies toward a future with a drastically lower carbon footprint. The focus of these efforts is often on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as they are the largest greenhouse gas emission by volume and the largest contributor to the greenhouse gas effect that warms the earth...

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Gary J. DiElsi Gary J. DiElsi  has more than 25 years of engineering, commercial, operating, and executive experience across multiple segments of the energy industry, as well as over 12 years of experience as a private equity investment professional. He has served as a director and advisor to more than 15 enterprises, and has also held positions responsible for planning, contracting, and executing large capital projects on six continents. Through Mountain Pass Energy Investing, DiElsi serves on boards and advises investors in the alternative energy sector.


This article is from the Winter 2022 issue of Directorship.