NACD Rings Nasdaq Closing Bell to Celebrate 1,000 Certified Directors

By NACD Editors


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The NACD Directorship Certification® program reached the milestone of 1,000 certified directors this summer. To commemorate the occasion, NACD leaders and certified directors rang the Nasdaq Stock Market closing bell on Aug. 25, 2022.

President and CEO Peter Gleason was joined by Sue Cole, chair of the NACD board; Graeme Roustan, NACD Corporate Directors Institute board member; the NACD senior leadership team; and nearly 60 NACD Certified Directors as they rang the Nasdaq closing bell.

“Ringing the closing bell at Nasdaq is the perfect way to celebrate the strides NACD has taken to continue to educate and prepare corporate directors,” said Gleason. “The ceremony is a great way to commemorate the accomplishment of the first 1,000 NACD Certified Directors. We are honored to be joined by certified directors to ring the bell in celebration of their accomplishments and look forward to the continued growth of the program.”

NACD recognizes the 1,000 and growing certified directors across the United States and around the world that have committed to ensuring the highest standards of leadership in the boardroom. Launched in 2020, NACD Directorship Certification® is the nation’s first-of-its-kind certification for corporate directors and it sets a new standard for director education, positions directors to meet boardroom challenges, and is a way for directors to highlight their commitment to staying current on the latest information necessary to contribute effectively in the boardroom. It allows certified directors to demonstrate that they have a baseline understanding of the requisite knowledge and skills required of a board member, helps bolster investor trust and public confidence in boards with certified directors, and enhances the talent pool for public boards by recognizing individuals who have committed to continuous learning.

NACD members that have achieved certification are directors of Fortune 500 companies, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations. These NACD Certified Directors represent leading boards such as those of Advanced Micro Devices, Cigna, Foot Locker, Morgan Stanley, and Nasdaq and nonprofits such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and AARP. The official 1,000th certified director is Philip D. Amoa, managing partner in the Philadelphia office at McCarter & English, board member of the NACD Philadelphia Chapter, and a former board member at the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church, which was a winner of the 2020 NACD NXT Awards.

“NACD is thrilled to celebrate this first group of 1,000 leaders who have taken action to better prepare themselves for board director roles, and we look forward to seeing the certification program continue to elevate both experienced and newer directors,” said Gleason. “NACD has defined the standard for director education in response to the convergence of a fast-moving, dynamic business environment with changing expectations for the board’s role. As the scope and pace of change in demands continue to grow, it is more important than ever that directors are prepared and continually educating themselves on issues and trends. The certification program is all about enabling directors to lead with the highest standards of governance.”

The NACD Directorship Certification® program begins with director education courses and events, followed by an exam to test potential certified directors’ knowledge. Then, certified directors must engage in continuing education and ongoing learning through NACD and NACD Education Network events and offerings to earn a certain number of education credits every two years.

“All corporate directors need continuing education to provide effective board leadership. NACD’s Directorship Certification is the benchmark for corporate governance and a great tool for director development. Certification has helped me increase my value in the boardroom, including through strengthening investor trust and keeping me updated on the emerging issues and trends impacting the companies I serve,” said Amoa.

This content was written by a team of NACD editors.