A Bold Step Forward

By Peter R. Gleason


Online Article Corporate Governance

For decades, NACD has worked to elevate the field of corporate governance. We have prepared directors with insights that drive their mission forward, promoted diversity and inclusive boardrooms, and set the standards of excellence to positively impact the businesses and the communities we serve.

I am incredibly proud of our long history: 44 years of advancing board effectiveness at thousands of member organizations—from private entities to Fortune 500 companies.

But the strength of NACD lies in its adaptability. More than ever, directors must adopt a forward-thinking mind-set to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex business landscape. Responsiveness, decision-making, and transparency are key to lasting success.

As the role of the director is evolving, so is our mission. Now is the time to renew our promise to our members, our chapters, and the wider business community. It’s an opportunity to adapt, together—to embrace change and solve tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Our refreshed mission—We empower directors and transform boards to be future ready—will help directors embody this sentiment with confidence and poise.

By empowering directors and transforming boards to be future ready, our 22,000 members will build connections that drive innovation, foster diversity, and maximize their potential. Our members trust us to teach them what they don’t know. They look to us for education, resources, thought leadership, and growth. We are prepared to exceed these expectations in every interaction.

It’s an exciting moment for the NACD community. We are continuing the rollout of the NACD Directorship Certification® program. In-person events are just around the corner. And the launch of our refreshed brand identity shifts our focus from products to people. Our new messaging better communicates who we are, what we do, and why it matters. Our mission represents the boardroom leaders of today, while equipping the next generation to meet future challenges.

Today, NACD represents a brighter, more prosperous vision for what’s next, for our members, and for corporate governance.

Peter Gleason
Peter R. Gleason is president and CEO of NACD.