NACD Fellowship

NACD Fellowship

NACD Board Leadership Fellowship

NACD Board Leadership Fellowship is a recognized credential for experienced directors. Eligible directors become NACD Fellows by attending NACD Master Class. Once you become an NACD Board Leadership Fellow, directors demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning by earning credits to maintain NACD Fellowship® yearly by attending NACD's wide variety of director-education programs and events.

Becoming a Board Leadership Fellow

The NACD Board Leadership Fellowship empowers experienced, qualified board leaders with a pathway of continuous insights, boardroom intelligence, and leading boardroom practices.

Board Leadership Fellowship Badge
  • Step 1: Attend NACD Master Class. Upon completion of the course, you will become an NACD Board Leadership Fellow.
  • Step 2: Earn ten (10) NACD Credits annually to maintain your NACD Board Leadership Fellowship status.


Already a Board Leadership Fellow?

Review your Fellowship transcript for a history of your completed NACD courses and the current status of your credential.

Please note: Beginning in 2021, all NACD Fellows will be moved to a January–December maintenance cycle. You must achieve your maintenance credits within the calendar year to remain an active NACD Fellow. Check your Fellowship portal or contact with any questions.

NACD Governance Fellowship

For more than a decade, NACD Governance Fellows have demonstrated their commitment in the boardroom through a continuous program of study that empowers them with the latest boardroom insights, intelligence, and practices—equipping them to lead their boards with confidence.

NACD is no longer granting new Governance Fellowships, and beginning January 2022, the NACD Governance Fellowship will no longer be an active NACD credential. The program ended on December 31, 2020, but the credential will be recognized through 2021.

Governance Fellows are encouraged to participate in NACD Directorship Certification or qualify and apply for the Board Leadership Fellowship to maintain a valid director credential after 2021.

NACD Directorship Certification®

NACD Directorship Certification is our new director credential, which serves as a framework for continuous learning. Becoming NACD Directorship Certified™ is a distinguished and tangible mark of your commitment to your professional growth and the elevation of directorship as a profession. To become certified, individuals must be NACD members, meet the course prerequisite or exception, and take and pass the certification exam. 

Along with your NACD Fellowship credential, becoming NACD Directorship Certified is a comprehensive way to highlight your commitment to staying current on the latest boardroom insights, intelligence, and practices that will put you at the vanguard of boardroom leadership.