Dona Young

Board Member
Dona Young

Dona D. Young is non-executive chair of Foot Locker and previously served as Lead Director as well as chair of its nominating and governance committee. She also serves on the Audit Committee and the Governance and Social Responsibility Committee. Young serves on the board of directors of USAA, where she is a member of the company's nominating and governance; audit; and compensation and workforce committees. She also sits on the supervisory board of Aegon NV and chairs its risk committee and is a member of the nominating & governance committee. Further, Young serves as a Board member at Spahn & Rose. Additionally, Young serves on the board of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). Until recently, Young had served on the Boards of Save the Children US and Save the Children International for ten years.

Young currently engages in strategic advising and consulting.

Young retired as chair, president, and CEO of The Phoenix Companies, an insurance and asset-management company, after a nearly 30-year career. Earlier, she had been the organization's general counsel; Young was among the first women to serve in that capacity for a financial services company. At the time of her 2008 retirement, Young was 1 of only 24 women who were serving as CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies. Young oversaw a major restructuring of the company during her six-year tenure as its CEO and retired shortly after the successful spin-off of its asset-management business. The spin-off company, VIRTUS, trades on the Nasdaq exchange.

Young has spoken widely on issues such as leadership, civic engagement, and board and governance matters. She has served on the faculty of the Director Professionalism® program of the NACD since August 2012.

Young is an NACD Board Leadership Fellow and has recently become NACD Directorship Certified®, demonstrating a commitment to the profession of directorship. She has also received the CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight from the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2015, Young was named to the NACD Directorship 100, an awards program that recognizes the most influential leaders in the boardroom each year. Young was also one of four directors to receive the Financial Times Outstanding Director Award in 2021.