The NACD Center for Inclusive Governance Advisory Council Issues a Statement on Inclusion


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WASHINGTON, DC (May 1, 2023) — Today the NACD Center for Inclusive Governance Advisory Council released a statement on inclusion.

The Power of Inclusion
If harnessed constructively, different perspectives in the boardroom yield better outcomes for all stakeholders. Inclusion of those diverse perspectives from around the table enhances the dialog and opens the aperture to seek out opportunities and identify risks.

A board's role is to create value for shareholders. Directors lend insights derived from experience in strategy, financial oversight, business operations, digital transformation, human capital, and more. To ensure the right balance of experience, a high-performing board balances and matches the various skillsets of its members to the company's needs, while ensuring that its directors reflect the rich tapestry of the company's customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Studies show that companies thrive when a strong, diverse culture is in place in the boardroom and beyond.

For our markets and businesses to thrive in this volatile, uncertain environment, we need to promote the strongest possible competition of ideas and capitalize on all talent. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion make better products and services, take more informed risks, and ultimately create more value for shareholders. American capitalism is stronger today—and will be even stronger tomorrow—because of diversity and inclusion.
It's not just a social issue, it's a business imperative.

About the Center for Inclusive Governance
The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is the leading member organization for corporate directors. For over 45 years, NACD has set the standard for good governance and positioned boards to be strategic assets to their enterprises. In 2021, NACD established the Center for Inclusive Governance, to better support boards in their diversity work — based on a shared understanding that a diverse and inclusive board is critical to the long-term value creation of every organization — and to society at large.
To learn more about the Center's work, visit The Center for Inclusive Governance website.

Footnote: According to a 2020 McKinsey study, diverse boards are more likely to promote diverse executive teams, which in turn improves financial performance.

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