A Letter from NACD's CEO


NACD Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community

A Letter from NACD's CEO

The death of George Floyd has spotlighted—yet again—the injustice that runs deep in our society, and the protests taking place across the country have laid bare the tensions simmering just below the surface of our communities. Our fellow Americans in the black community have endured racism and intolerance for too long. That we are experiencing this pain in the midst of the most serious public health and economic crisis of our lifetimes only compounds the toll. 

NACD members—the more than 21,000 board members from companies of all sizes and sectors—have a responsibility to be stewards of diversity, openness, and tolerance in their organizations, and to provide wisdom and leadership to businesses as they inevitably experience both highs and lows. 

Now is a new low, a time of true crisis, and we know our members are facing the hardest days of their directorships. We take our role in supporting their work—your work—very seriously.

NACD’s purpose is to elevate board performance, helping our members to create a positive impact through their work in the boardroom. Today and every day, we stand together with our black community, employees, and members committed to positive change. Together, we must build a more just and equitable society.

That is our commitment.


Peter Gleason
Chief Executive Officer