COVID-19 Board Supply-Chain Risk Checklist

In brief: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a ripple effect of risks on business continuity, including significant threats to global supply chains. Disruptions such as global factory closures and manufacturing slowdowns worldwide have resulted in new risks and vulnerabilities to many corporations’ production processes. Boards must work alongside their management teams to consider and determine their supply-chain resiliency as they navigate the current crisis. Strong oversight and understanding of the corporation’s existing supply chain will be vital in helping directors understand what threats to anticipate and to provide effective oversight of management’s supply-chain resiliency plan.

This resource can help your board to

  • assess immediate threats to your supply chain stemming from the COVID-19 crisis,
  • evaluate current supply-chain-continuity plans, and
  • pressure test the management team around their long-term supply-chain resiliency plans. 

Most relevant audiences: risk committee chairs, risk committee members, audit committee chairs, and audit members