NACD Chapters

NACD Chapters

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NACD Chapter Programming offers virtual learning opportunities to help NACD members lead with confidence in the boardroom, even in today's rapidly changing business environment. Chapter events focus on top-of-mind issues and are conducted in small sessions that encourage candid dialogue among director peers and larger sessions that provide updates in a more traditional panelist format.

The center of gravity for the local director community.

Led by fellow board members who volunteer their time and expertise, NACD's more than 20 chapters across 35 cities enhance the value of NACD membership by providing directors with a forum for sharing experiential knowledge, understanding tomorrow's boardroom challenges, and the opportunity to further enhance responsible boardroom leadership.

NACD members have access to more than 20 chapters and are welcome to attend events in more than 35 locations, where they travel, work, live, or play. Chapter events feature leading industry experts and Fortune 500 director speakers, providing an in-depth exploration of timely topics that inspire boardroom confidence and optimize performance.

Members enjoy peer-to-peer dialogue about critical boardroom issues, including cyber risk, CEO succession planning, activism, and leadership.

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