Human Capital:
A Board Imperative

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The Future of the American Board from Directorship® Magazine

With intensifying pressures and demands requiring boards to govern differently, directors must redefine what it takes to be a successful board for the future. Our special edition of Directorship® Magazine highlights governance practices and recommendations from the Future of the American Board report, including an article from Commission co-chairs Sue Cole and Bill McNabb.

Get Ahead with NACD Climate Governance Resources

The SEC recently voted on its much-anticipated climate disclosure rule. Access our well-curated resources that help boards build climate oversight strategies, meet new expectations, and transition their organizations towards future growth.

Nominations Open Now 
2024 NACD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards

Now through April 22, 2024, you can nominate boards who leverage the power of DE&I to build inclusivity. These awards will recognize five organizations at the annual gala in October, colocated at the 2024 NACD Directors Summit in Washington, DC.

2023-2024 Director Compensation Report

The 25th annual report, produced in collaboration with leading compensation consultancy Pearl Meyer, presents key findings based on a robust analysis of director compensation trends and practices and offers an in-depth analysis of nonemployee director compensation across 1,400 companies in varying size categories and spanning 24 industries.

Board Vision Podcast, the Official Podcast of NACD

What does the boardroom of the future look like? How can boards help their organizations be resilient in the face of the unknown? Hear from world-class governance leaders on the newly launched Board Vision podcast who answer these questions.

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The new NACD AI Workshop focuses on both the risks and opportunities inherent in AI.

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An overview of boardroom practices on significant topics including ESG, artificial intelligence (AI), and human capital.

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