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Director Dialogue: Board Oversight of Reputation Risk

Corporate reputation is qualitative, difficult to measure, and absolutely critical to a companys long-term health. While definitions may differ, most agree with Warren Buffetts famous observation that It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. From a business perspective, r...

Research | December 11, 2017

Culture: The Boards Expanding Frontier

With headlines trumpeting high-level firings for inappropriate behavior in a variety of domains, its become more obvious than ever that corporate culture matters, and that boards should oversee it. So what exactly is corporate culture, and how can it be overseen? These questions might sound new, but...

Blogs | December 8, 2017

Understanding Climate Resilience Is Requisite for Climate Competence

Underlying the growing pressures for climate-competent boards is this fundamental question: how resilient is the organization to the impacts of climate change? Few organizations or boards are capable of answering this question with any degree of certainty. Yet, the question is being raised with grea...

Blogs | December 5, 2017

How Talent Strategy and Leadership Development Can Strengthen Corporate Culture

In addition to developing a pay philosophy, the NACD's Blue Ribbon Commission report on Culture as a Corporate Asset cites two additional roles of the compensation committee that are directly connected to culture oversight: talent strategy and leadership development. Join this webcast for a disc...

Videos, Research | December 5, 2017

What Will the Future of Work Be Like for Workers (And the People Managing Them)?

"The future of work" is suddenly everywhere—but how can organizations prepare for a future with so many unknowns? We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation is changing the skills workers need, while demographic shifts promise a talent shortage, ...

Videos, Research | December 4, 2017

Ten Simple Questions for an Effective Discussion of Information Security

Information security should be one of the most important risk areas of focus for boards. However, according to the 2017“2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey, 88 percent of surveyed directors indicated that they had only some or little knowledge about how to navigate cyber risk. Its clear...

Blogs | December 1, 2017

Four Exercises for Contemplating Digital Readiness

Over the next few years, the digital revolution will force many organizations to undertake radical change programs and, in some cases, completely reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive. Ask executives and directors what their companys biggest threats are, and chances are the answer w...

Blogs | November 28, 2017

2017-2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey: Executive Summary

Click here to access the complete report (Complimentary download for Full Board members).The2017–2018 NACD Public Company Surveypresents findings from our annual questionnaire that was in the field during the summer of 2017. This report’s takeaways are drawn from hundreds of public compa...

Research | November 28, 2017

2017-2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey

The 2017-2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey presents findings from our annual questionnaire that was in the field from June to July 2017. This report's takeaways are drawn from the 587 public company responses received and are supplemented by data compiled by Main Data Group, a provider of e...

Research | November 28, 2017

Social Media: Questions the Board Should Ask Management

Global marketing officer Karin Timpone recently participated in the NACD Capital Area Chapters season kick-off program on social media. Timpone, who leads the integrated global marketing and consumer relationship management strategy for Marriott International, suggests that in the long term, boards ...

Blogs | November 21, 2017