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Director FAQ: Finding Your Next Board Seat

In brief: Obtaining a public company board seat can be difficult, as there are a limited number of seats available on public company boards and a low rate of turnover for the directors already occupying those seats. This memo provides an overview of the current demand for corporate directors and inc...

Samples and Templates, Research | August 19, 2016

Effective Director Onboarding Practices

New directors face a steep learning curve, and the pressure to climb quickly is intense. In todays rapidly changing business environment a new director must be brought up to speed on issues relating to the company and board culture as soon as possible to begin adding value. Effective onboarding prac...

Research | May 4, 2015

Director Dialogue: Board Composition

Several factors have combined to make board composition a priority for a growing number of public companies. According to recent NACD survey results, the rate of director turnover on public-company boards has been on the rise over the past several yearsnearly doubling since the financial crisis. Add...

Research | December 30, 2014

Governance Pro Meets Lead Director

PwC's Paula Loop sat down with lead director Ronna Romney to discuss a woman's path to directorship, age diversity, and balancing priorities.

Articles | November 24, 2015

Director Essentials: Preparing for Proxy Season

In brief: As annual meetings approach, directors need to be on their proxy season game. This installment of the Director Essentials series analyzes emerging issues within the framework of key fundamentals. Useful for first-time public company directors and those tasked with their onboarding, this do...

Research | December 28, 2016

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Director Professionalism

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Director Professionalism

Research | July 13, 2011

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on the Effective Lead Director

The importance of the lead director role is obvious from its namea director who leads fellow board members who, in turn, comprise the corporations highest decision-making authority. Just as a chief executive leads a corporation, the lead director leads the work of the independent directors. This rep...

Research | October 1, 2011

Raising the Bar on Director Performance New NACD Program Outlines 5 Keys to Success

The bar for director performance has been raised. A volatile economic environment, increased regulatory scrutiny, impending cybersecurity threats, and shareholder activism have all shifted the expectations for what should happen in the boardroom. Responding to those growing expectations for director...

Blogs | July 27, 2015

Sample Template for the Self-Evaluation, Peer Evaluation of a Lead Independent Director

In brief: Produced with the Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Board Evaluation: Improving Director Effectiveness, this template is intended to help with the self-evaluation, and peer evaluation of a lead independent director. In order to comply with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) gove...

Samples and Templates, Research | August 4, 2017

Johnson & Johnsons General Criteria for Board Nomination: Examples of Director Criteria With Regards to Diversity

In brief: Johnson & Johnsons Principles of Corporate Governance includes general criteria director candidates must satisfy in order to be nominated to the board. The criteria, outlined in this document, consider director diversity in terms of industry experience, professional background, gender, eth...

Samples and Templates, Research | January 1, 2012

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