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Board Preview: What's Next for Director Compensation

2-3 p.m. (ET)As the scope of Board responsibilities expands to include areas such as risk mitigation, shareholder communication and overall corporate strategy development, Directors face increased time commitments and accountabilities. The NACDs annual report on Director compensation, developed with...

Videos, Research | January 30, 2015

Director Compensation: A Hot-Button Issue in 2016?

After several years in the background, Director compensation is in the spotlight. Recent Delaware court cases and activist focus have generated a level of interest in director compensation that we havent seen in some time. Join Pearl Meyer and NACD to hear results from our annual study looking at t...

Videos, Research | January 28, 2016

Compensation Practices and Fair Director Pay - NACD BoardVision

Certain compensation practices can have a potentially damaging effect on a companys reputation, which makes determining what constitutes fair director pay no easy task. Daniel Laddin, founding partner of Compensation Advisory Partners, and Martin M. Coyne, II, Chairman and CEO of NACDs New Jersey Ch...

Videos, Research | August 6, 2015

Director Liability and Its Challenges: What You Need To Know

An important document called the "Yates Memo" was released in 2015 by the federal government; explaining its intent to prosecute directors and officers who have committed wrongdoings in 2015. This, along with efforts by the SEC to collaborate with the DOJ and more closely investigate alleged wrongdo...

Videos, Research | June 9, 2016

The Role of the Board in M&A

For the first half of 2015, M&A deal value hit $2.28 trillion, its highest number since the global financial crisis. And total global deal value for July 2015 alone was $549.7 billion, entering record books as the second highest monthly total since April 2007. With these record-setting transacti...

Videos, Research | October 22, 2015

Compliance is Only the Ante, Your Strategy is the Winning Hand

The Dodd-Frank Act continues to create a steady stream of new proposed regulations for executive compensation disclosure. Meanwhile, the SEC is under increasing pressure to finalize a number of these proposals—including the most recent on pay vs. performance—and may do so effective for t...

Videos, Research | August 6, 2015

Critical Questions Boards Should Be Asking About Technology

Clear communication between the board and technology leaders is essential for a productive and profitable future. Learn the key questions that boards should be asking to ensure that the technology strategy and the business strategy are aligned.

Videos | May 1, 2014

Risk Considerations for Global Directors

Brenda Shelly, Marsh, discusses risk considerations for global directors.

Videos, Research | April 11, 2016

NACD BoardVision

NACD BoardVision helps corporate directors stay in the know and ahead of the curve.

Videos, Research | May 9, 2014

NACD BoardVision - Evaluation Series: Why Confidentiality is Key

This featured NACD BoardVision Series focuses on board evaluations and their importance as leading governance practices. Join Steve Walker, General Counsel and Director of NACDs Custom Education Programs, Gerry Czarnecki, Director, State Farm Insurance, and Yvonne Jackson, Director, Spartan Stores, ...

Videos, Research | January 22, 2014