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Most Recent NACD Resources and Events

Cyber Insecurity: Why We Keep Learning

Late last month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved nonbinding guidance urging public companies to inform investors about material cybersecurity risks and incidents in a timely fashion. The guidance, which gives greater urgency to current cybersecurity risks, builds on an earli...

Blogs | March 20, 2018

Its Time to Get Uncomfortable in the Boardroom

Two NACD panels recently tackled issues surrounding sexual harassment in the corporate setting, and how directors should act and react to issues that could have profoundly negative impacts on company reputation and workforce satisfaction. Key takeaways for directors ranged from careful CEO hiring to...

Blogs | March 15, 2018

What to Look for in an Effective Audit Committee Chair

The entire board relies on the hard work of the audit committee to meet its overall objectives. But audit committees today are faced with the heavy burden of regulatory mandates and growing investor expectations. Workloads are increasing, and they have to oversee more complex areas. Many audit commi...

Blogs | March 13, 2018

Todays Board Member: Activist, Strategist, Counselor

More than ever, organization leaders need committed counselors”individuals who will push them to greater heights and encourage them to pursue transformation. They need objective individuals who can advise, envision, and strategize for long-term success. To find these advisors, companies are lo...

Blogs | March 9, 2018

Dynamic Governance: Rethinking the Purpose of the Corporation

In his classic treatise on the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith noted a discrepancy between the interests of owners and the managers who are handling those other peoples money. In the twentieth century, Michael C. Jensen and William H. Meckling”citing Smith as well as Adolf A. Berle and Gardiner ...

Blogs | March 6, 2018

How to Oversee the Essential Risks of Innovation

When it comes to innovation, boards are notorious for sending conflicting messages. They want to hear assurances of innovation and predictability from management in the same breath. Unfortunately, innovation and predictability dont go hand-in-hand. Simply put, innovation cant exist without risk. In ...

Blogs | March 5, 2018

Directors Discuss the Challenges of Cyber-Risk Oversight

Companies today fall into two groups: those that have been breached and know it, and those that have been breached but dont know it. The realities of managing cyber risks are that breach risks are impossible to eliminate, resources for managing them are finite, risk profiles are ever-changing, and g...

Blogs | March 2, 2018

Catalysts for Transforming Culture Risk into Culture Value

It seems recently that one cant escape reading stories about poor leadership gone wrong. Its time for action from the boardroom, and its no longer good enough to ask unstructured questions about a companys helpline. Nor is good enough to rely on ones own experience, instinct, and blind spots in the ...

Blogs | February 26, 2018

Disruption or Distraction? Focused Oversight in the Age of Innovation

Over the years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has featured miles of technology and millions of people”2.75 million square feet for 3,900 booths and nearly 185,000 attendees in 2018 alone. Under those tents are innovations that will disrupt markets and your companies. The que...

Blogs | February 20, 2018

Seven Insights from NACD Master Class

Innovation and disruption are now commonplace in strategy discussions between the board and C-suite. Even innovations outside of a companys own mission are changing everything from customer expectations to business operations. While the boards agenda has evolved to include discussion of issues such ...

Blogs | February 19, 2018