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2018 NACD Directorship 100™ Gala Tables

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General | February 20, 2018

NACD Audit Committee and Compensation Committee Chair Advisory Council: Nonfinancial Metrics, Strategy, and Culture

In brief:Nonfinancial metrics are increasing in prevalence and importance. In today’s changing business climate, choosing which nonfinancial measures to use to assess and communicate company performance has become a critical task for management teams and boards. In the fall of 2017, NACD, Fari...

Research | February 16, 2018

Overseeing Executive Pay in a Tumultuous Time

Executive pay has long been a key focus for shareholders, activists, directors, and the media”and there are no signs of that changing. Increased attention on income inequality, corporate social responsibility, and incentive plans that encourage risky behavior has further increased scrutiny of ...

Blogs | February 13, 2018

Six Concepts for Oversight of Performance Management

Performance management relates virtually to everything that is important to a companys progress”execution of its strategy, the customer experience, investor expectations, executive compensation, and the boards oversight itself. In spite of the importance of performance to a companys success, t...

Blogs | February 8, 2018

Director Compensation in 2018

Join this webcast to hear Pearl Meyer and NACD present details from our annual study on practices and emerging trends in board pay. You'll hear findings and expert analysis on board compensation levels and pay structure from 1400 public companies across a range of industries and sizes, from $50 ...

Videos, Research | February 2, 2018

Performance-Based Long-Term Incentives: What Have We Done?

Executive incentive design has grown incredibly complex. Boards should consider simplifying by aligning pay with long-term stock price performance.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Its Time to Think Less Conventionally About Long-Term Incentive Plans

Taking a different approach to compensation plan design may help to better position a company in a swiftly changing marketplace.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Board Oversight of Executive Pay: Compensation Committee Basics

In brief:Compensation committee members are tasked with designing compensation programs for senior management in a way that links pay with performance, attracts and retains executives, aligns executives’ goals with the company’s long-term strategy, and avoids unnecessary risk-taking. Des...

Research | January 30, 2018

Engaging Management on the Workforce of the Future

Demographic, social, and technological trends are fundamentally and rapidly reshaping both work and the workforce. In this new era of talent, it is important to work closely with your management team and to understand how these changes will impact everything from talent strategy and recruitment, to ...

Videos, Research | January 26, 2018

Bringing Pay for Performance Into Focus Requires the Right Lens

Effective pay-for-performance can be demonstrated, but only if the concept of pay is viewed through the right lens.

Articles | January 5, 2018