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Culture: The Boards Expanding Frontier

With headlines trumpeting high-level firings for inappropriate behavior in a variety of domains, its become more obvious than ever that corporate culture matters, and that boards should oversee it. So what exactly is corporate culture, and how can it be overseen? These questions might sound new, but...

Blogs | December 8, 2017

Understanding Climate Resilience Is Requisite for Climate Competence

Underlying the growing pressures for climate-competent boards is this fundamental question: how resilient is the organization to the impacts of climate change? Few organizations or boards are capable of answering this question with any degree of certainty. Yet, the question is being raised with grea...

Blogs | December 5, 2017

Ten Simple Questions for an Effective Discussion of Information Security

Information security should be one of the most important risk areas of focus for boards. However, according to the 2017“2018 NACD Public Company Governance Survey, 88 percent of surveyed directors indicated that they had only some or little knowledge about how to navigate cyber risk. Its clear...

Blogs | December 1, 2017

Four Exercises for Contemplating Digital Readiness

Over the next few years, the digital revolution will force many organizations to undertake radical change programs and, in some cases, completely reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive. Ask executives and directors what their companys biggest threats are, and chances are the answer w...

Blogs | November 28, 2017

Social Media: Questions the Board Should Ask Management

Global marketing officer Karin Timpone recently participated in the NACD Capital Area Chapters season kick-off program on social media. Timpone, who leads the integrated global marketing and consumer relationship management strategy for Marriott International, suggests that in the long term, boards ...

Blogs | November 21, 2017

Reviewing the Corporate Counsels Playbook

Hurricanes. Hostile Mergers. Data breaches. A misconstrued comment on social media. These are a few of the real and figurative storms that companies weather regularly with the help of internal and external staff, and regular advice from their general counsel (GC). The National Association of Corpora...

Blogs | November 17, 2017

10 Turn-Around Lessons from Zale Corp.s Theo Killion

When former Zale Corp. CEO Theo Killion shared his leadership lessons of turning around Zales at a recent NACD TriCities Chapter program in Austin, Texas, it jogged some childhood retail memories for me. Growing up in the 1960s, my small hometown of Marshville, North Carolina, boasted a thriving tow...

Blogs | November 16, 2017

Avoid Deal Failure: Ask These Tough Questions Before Any Acquisition

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a deal”the unvarnished optimism of the corporate development team, the bullish spreadsheets from the bankers, the juicy steaks at the closing dinner. The numbers, however, dont lie. It is estimated that at least half of all merger and acquisitio...

Blogs | November 14, 2017

Governance at 30,000 Feet

American Airlines Group director Alberto Ibargen recently led a fireside chat with the companys CEO and Chair Doug Parker during the NACD Florida Chapters season kick-off event at Miami International Airport. With more than 100 in attendance, the program featured insights into the highly competitive...

Blogs | November 9, 2017

The Role of Software Patches in Cyber-Risk Mitigation

Equifax is not just another organization that was breached. The company was named one of Forbes Worlds 100 Most Innovative Companies for three years straight, from 2015 to 2017. The recent breach of the companys U.S. online dispute portal web application has raised serious questions about whether bo...

Blogs | November 7, 2017