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Most Recent NACD Resources and Events

Governance Challenges 2018: Board-Shareholder Engagement in the New Investor Environment

In brief:Mainstream asset managers—including major index funds such as Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street—are speaking out more forcefully on issues like board diversity, company culture, and climate change. Public pension funds such as the Office of the New York City Comptroller have...

Research | April 17, 2018

GDPR: What can we expect, and how should I guide my Board?

In just a few weeks, a major piece of regulation, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective. This new policy could potentially bring hefty fines or penalties with it if your organization is not fully prepared. Even if you do not operate directly in the EU, the regulation cou...

Videos, Research | April 13, 2018

Resource Center: Emerging Issues

Boards and management teams are challenged in navigating an increasingly complex and unpredictable business environment. Companies performance through volatility and uncertainty now depends on their ability to identify major emerging trends and adapt to them. This resource center offers members insi...

Research | March 29, 2018

Spring Forward: Compensation Developments for Your Board to Discuss This Quarter

The current business environment is more dynamic than ever and market forces are altering many companies strategic focus. The compensation committee has to be likewise nimble and revisit its priorities, perhaps more frequently than in the past. Join the NACD and Pearl Meyer on March 22 where we will...

Videos, Research | March 23, 2018

Getting Behind the Numbers

In brief: Effective oversight of financial reporting is a crucial board (and specifically audit committee) responsibility. Getting Behind the Numbers is designed to help directors understand the key concepts of financial reporting: the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of cash flow...

Research | March 19, 2018

Strategies for Effective Board Meeting Preparation

In brief:Directors face an increasingly complex environment in which their businesses must operate, requiring them to engage in continuous learning about new trends and that they master new areas of oversight. This white paper, coproduced by the Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corpora...

Research | March 15, 2018

Director Essentials: Strengthening Compliance and Ethics Oversight

In brief: In light of renewed regulatory focus, directors should consider strengthening their oversight of corporate compliance and ethics programs. New U.S. Department of Justice emphasis on the effectiveness of compliance and ethics programs in preventing, detecting, and mitigating the risk of ind...

Research | March 12, 2018

Resource Center: Strategy Development and Long-Term Value Creation

This resource center is a repository for all NACD content, services, and events designed to strengthen the boards role in strategy development and long-term value creation in an increasingly disruptive business environment. Here you will find practical guidance, tools, and analyses tailored to the f...

Research | February 27, 2018

NACD Directorship Feature Story: "Honing Skepticism"

Remember President Ronald Reagans foreign policy mantra, Trust, but verify? That idea is at the heart of a collaboration by leading business organizations, including NACD, to prevent fraud by honing the skill of skepticism in the financial reporting chain,which leads right through the boardroom.Edit...

Research | February 27, 2018

NACD Audit Committee and Compensation Committee Chair Advisory Council: Nonfinancial Metrics, Strategy, and Culture

In brief:Nonfinancial metrics are increasing in prevalence and importance. In today’s changing business climate, choosing which nonfinancial measures to use to assess and communicate company performance has become a critical task for management teams and boards. In the fall of 2017, NACD, Fari...

Research | February 16, 2018