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Governance Experts Parse the Boards Role in Overseeing Company Culture

Company culture and building cyber resiliency were top-of-mind issues.

Articles | February 1, 2018

AICPA Framework Aims to Simplify, Strengthen Cyber-Risk Oversight

Directors walked away from this Roundtable with a better sense of the practices boards are already using, and how the AICPAs SOC for Cybersecurity and other frameworks can provide additional guidance.

Articles | February 1, 2018

The Argument for the Creative Destruction of Scale

A venture capitalist shares his vision of an economy dominated by personalization.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Getting a Start-up CFO Up to Speed

Developing a relationship with the CEO will be key to the CFOs success, but shaping interactions with directors is similarly critical for growing the company.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Small Talk

Amusing news to get the conversation started.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Public Company Board Priorities for 2018

To understand how boards are planning to strengthen their governance practices in this volatile, uncertain business environment, we asked about their top improvement priorities over the next 12 months.

Articles | February 1, 2018

A World of Risk in a Nutshell

Describing the current business risk environment as turbulent would be a gross understatement.

Articles | February 1, 2018

Governing Innovation: Its Not an Oxymoron

As many companies are discovering, innovation is imperative for ensuring that a business is able to compete in todays turbulent marketplace.

Articles | February 1, 2018

The Boards Role in Shaping Digital Transformation

Boards play a critical role in the digital transformation journey by bringing expertise, judgment, healthy skepticism, and concern for long-term value.

Articles | February 1, 2018