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Most Recent NACD Resources and Events

NACD 2017 Blue Ribbon Commission Report

Similar to an organizations people, intellectual property, technology, and other assets, culture is a key success factor that contributes to an organization's competitive advantage and to long-term value creation. Yet in too many organizations, culture does not get the level of boardroom attention i...

Research | October 3, 2017

Risk Management: Avoiding Blind Spots

Though virtually every involved party was at fault to some degree, bias on multiple fronts was largely the cause of the 2008 financial crisis. Given that bias in risk management can result in a disastrous event such as this one, protecting against biases is critical. Jim DeLoach presents several str...

News | October 2, 2017

Shareholders Speak Out on Overboarding (September 30, 2017)

The two largest proxy advisory firms issued guidance cracking down on directors with too many board seats, which went into effect for this years proxy season.

General | September 30, 2017

NOVEMBER 30 - 7 Questions Every Director Should be Asking

Please join us for lightning round discussions on critical questions directors should be asking.

Event Start Date: November 30, 2017


JANUARY 17, 2018 - Fireside Chat with Anne Chapman, Michelle Edkins, Ann Yerger

Please join us for this fireside chat featuring three dynamic directors.

Event Start Date: January 17, 2018


01/19/18 Houston | How Can Boards Understand Their CEO's Performamance

01/19/18 Houston | No Surprises - How Can Boards Understand Their CEO's Performance?

Event Start Date: January 19, 2018


03/09/18 Austin | Innovation and Disruption

03/09/18 Austin | Innovation and Disruption

Event Start Date: March 09, 2018


Thinking Globally to Better Manage Business Risks

EisnerAmper LLP and the National Association of Corporate Directors hosted a roundtable event earlier this month on the future of risk. After discussing what social media and artificial intelligence portend for business”and how directors can oversee those issue”Peter Bible, partner and c...

Blogs | September 28, 2017

2017 NACD Directorship 100 Gala

Event Start Date: November 29, 2017


Tone at the Top

Boards now routinely held up to scrutiny when culture fails.

Articles | September 28, 2017