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Common Director Independence Terminology

The large number of terms surrounding director independence can cause confusion; below is a short list of common director identification terms. Some terms do not have agreed-upondefinitions and are used informally, while other terms do have specific definitions. Each term is explained in isolation a...

Research | December 7, 2012

Resource Center: Director Onboarding

A systematic approach to new-director onboarding can give direction to what otherwise might seem a flood of information. New directors can accelerate their onboarding by focusing their learning on four core areas: understanding the environment in which the organization operates, learning about the o...

Research | January 13, 2017

Director Primacy Upheld

The Delaware Court of Chancery again upheld the board-centric approach to corporate law, referred to as director-primacy, in July.

Articles | September 17, 2015

Becoming a Global Director

Being a jet-setting global director might sound attractive, but as with all things, there are myriad implications to consider

Articles | January 5, 2018

2016 Outstanding Director Awards

It is impossible to quantify the value a director brings to a board and the organization it serves. Most board directors hold a uniquely wide perspective, having gleaned hard-won wisdom from decades of experience within their own industry and, typically, multiple other industries and nonprofit endea...

News | June 13, 2016

BRC Director Compensation

Each board must set director pay, weighing the time and expertise the particular job requires, as well as the opportunity, cost, reputation, and liability risk serving on the board may impose.This leaves one multi-million dollar question: What is

Research | January 1, 2006

NACD Director Professionalism

Have you reached a point in your career where you are transitioning or preparing to transition into public company boardroom service? Are you looking to learn more about the role corporate directors play in the long-term sustainability of a company and how to make the most of the time you spend in t...

General, Events | January 5, 2018

NACD Advanced Director Professionalism

You have several years of boardroom experience under your belt, but you are looking to take your boardroom skills to the next level. Perhaps you are interested in chairing one of the key committees or have your sights set on becoming chair or lead director. NACDs highly interactive Board Leadership ...

General, Events | July 21, 2017

Director Dialogue: Board Composition

Several factors have combined to make board composition a priority for a growing number of public companies. According to recent NACD survey results, the rate of director turnover on public-company boards has been on the rise over the past several yearsnearly doubling since the financial crisis. Add...

Research | December 30, 2014

Director Compensation in 2018

Join this webcast to hear Pearl Meyer and NACD present details from our annual study on practices and emerging trends in board pay. Youll hear findings and expert analysis on board compensation levels and pay structure from 1400 public companies across a range of industries and sizes, from $50 milli...

Event Start Date: February 01, 2018