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Director Self-Evaluations

Director Self-Evaluations

General | March 7, 2017

BRC Director Professionalism

BRC Director Professionalism

Research | July 13, 2011

Director 360 Evaluations

Director 360 Evaluations

General | March 7, 2017

Advanced Director Professionalism

Advanced Director Professionalism

General | June 1, 2016

Director Awards Dinner

Join us for our Director Awards Dinner.

Event Start Date: May 10, 2018


Customizable Director Role Description

In brief: This short director role description outlines in detail the key functions and responsibilities a (new) director must exercise on a board. It also lists the various qualifications as well as performance expectations that boards can tailor when recruiting or onboarding new directors. This c...

Samples and Templates, Research | March 8, 2016

Determining Fair Director Pay

Because board members set their own pay, director compensation is a wide-open opportunity for shareholder litigation. In this BoardVision interview“moderated by NACDs Publisher and Director of Partner Relations Christopher Y. Clark”Marty Coyne, experienced director and chairof NACDs New ...

Blogs | May 19, 2016

Individual Director Membership Application

Public, private and nonprofit board members are eligible for NACD Membership. Join as a Full Board Member or Individual Director.

General | October 24, 2017

Resource Center: Director Liability

Directors primarily face liability exposure through the fiduciary duties of care and loyalty under state law, in addition to liability risks from issuing stock or debt and engaging in M&A. This resource center contains guidance and tools for directors to gain a realistic outlook on their own lia...

Research | August 4, 2016

Effective Director Onboarding Practices

New directors face a steep learning curve, and the pressure to climb quickly is intense. In todays rapidly changing business environment a new director must be brought up to speed on issues relating to the company and board culture as soon as possible to begin adding value. Effective onboarding prac...

Research | May 4, 2015