What Directors Need to Know About Big Data

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February 25, 2014

Big data comes with big risks—and big opportunities. Companies can gather and analyze more data about their customers than ever before—but they also must take steps to keep that sensitive information safe. What is the board’s role in overseeing how big data is being used in their organization? Learn how some companies are securely and appropriately using data to create new opportunities and connect with key constituents and how their boards are monitoring these systems.

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Speaker Spotlight

Dean DeBiase is the executive chairman at AKTA, Donor Path, and Reboot Partners. DeBiase is a senior fellow and adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and a regular speaker on emerging governance issues regarding IT, cybersecurity, and big data. He is a board leadership fellow at the National Association of Corporate Directors, and he chairs the cybersecurity and innovation summits held annually at Stanford University, Columbia University, and the National Press Club. DeBiase is co-author (with Malcolm Gladwell) of the best-selling book The Big Moo.

Eric Haller is senior vice president of strategic development and applied research, credit services and decision analytics, at Experian North America. Previously, he was responsible for the management and growth of online credit profiles and strategic markets—including Internet delivery, government, capital markets, and retail banking for consumer information services. Haller held executive marketing and product development roles with HNC Software (acquired by Fair Isaac), MasterCard Advisors, and VISA International. He also co-founded a company focused on identity theft detection in credit applications (acquired by ID Analytics) and led new product development for Sequoia Capital funded Green Dot Corp.

Joseph Vicari (moderator) has been with Broadridge Financial Solutions for over 20-years, and is currently responsible for business strategy and development for Investor Communications, with focus on Banks, Brokers, Investment Companies and Institutional Investors.   His current responsibilities include architecting an eStrategy for communications with recent accomplishments including Mailbox Solutions for investors and advisors that support the SEC’s electronic broker internet platform initiative and mobile proxy voting. Joseph is also introducing new market data services to the financial services industry in partnership with a large consumer data vendor. Prior to joining Broadridge, Joseph was with a major retail bank and worked in the business development area.

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Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. is a technology leader in shareholder communications and proxy voting. Our solutions provide comprehensive and efficient support to upwards of 13,000 shareholder meetings each year, spanning over 90 million shareholder accounts.

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