Director Liability and Its Challenges: What You Need To Know

Event Details

June 16, 2016 at 2-3 p.m. (ET)

An important document called the "Yates Memo" was released in 2015 by the federal government; explaining its intent to prosecute directors and officers who have committed wrongdoings in 2015. This, along with efforts by the SEC to collaborate with the DOJ and more closely investigate alleged wrongdoing might have some people in the director community more concerned about how they can empower themselves through the clarification of liability and regulations that could impact their duties.

Panelists will take a look at the current environment surrounding director liability and discuss its potential risks:

  • Current trends, the implications of recent rulings, and regulations now in the pipeline
  • What a director should know about directors' and officers' liability insurance 
  • Emerging risks, including cybersecurity risks

Join NACD and Broadridge Financial Solutions for an informative discussion. This installment of the Boardroom Excellence series will help to prepare your board for enhanced cybersecurity conversations both inside and outside of the boardroom.

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