Event Details

March 10, 2016

2-3 p.m. (ET)

In a very short time, TSR has moved from “relative” obscurity to the single most prevalent metric in long-term incentive plans among large companies. Shouldn’t your company get with the program? Not so fast. Despite the beliefs of many, TSR as an incentive metric is not associated with improved firm performance, according to recent research by Pearl Meyer and Cornell University. There may be valid reasons for inclusion of TSR in your company’s performance framework, but the metric is no panacea. Join Pearl Meyer and the NACD on our March 10 webinar, where we will discuss the case for and against TSR, and offer alternatives to TSR-based incentives. We’ll show how companies can more successfully use goal calibration and metrics that are directly aligned with their unique business model and context as a better way to drive long-term value creation and incentivize successful strategy execution.

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