KPMG/NACD Quarterly Audit Committee Update

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September 25, 2014

Cyber-Risk: Five Steps to Strengthen Board Oversight

Cyber risk is on every board's agenda today, yet many directors continue to wrestle with critical questions about the board's role: How should cyber risk relate to the company's broader risk management efforts? What are the legal implications of cyber threats today? Should the board be tapping cyber expertise? In short, what does effective oversight of cyber security look like? KPMG's Audit Committee Institute (ACI) and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) invite you to tune-in for the next Quarterly Audit Committee Webcast as we discuss recommendations from Cyber-Risk Oversight, a new handbook from the NACD, the Internet Security Alliance, and AIG. This 60-minute Webcast will also provide updates on key financial reporting and legal/regulatory developments, and insights from KPMG's ACI on emerging governance trends.

Speaker Spotlight

  • Larry Clinton –President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Security Alliance
  • Robyn Bew– Director of Research, NACD


Accreditation (Live attendance only)

1 NACD skill-specific credit

This webinar offers 1 skill-specific credit for attendees working toward attaining or maintaining their Governance Fellow or Board Leadership Fellow credential. Not yet a fellow? Discover which NACD fellowship is right for you.

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