The Myths and Realities of Pay-for-Performance in 2014

Event Details

August 7, 2014

2-3 p.m. (ET)

Recent media coverage on both sides of the Atlantic has focused on how executive pay fails to align with company performance. It even goes as far as saying that pay and performance are inversely aligned, in other words, higher pay gets in the way of improved performance. We look at this thorny topic from both a UK and U.S. perspective and bring to the table our most recent analysis, including:

  • Our proprietary UK CEO Value Index
  • Findings from a recent survey asking how investors and others view the ROI of CEO compensation
  • Latest research on pay and performance alignment and the 2014 proxy voting seasos

In this webinar Simon Patterson, Managing Director of PM&P’s London office will compare and contrast the analysis, the media coverage, the implications for corporate governance and the direct impact on companies and Compensation Committees. He will share client case studies and also review reasons why differences exist among organizations. Attendees will walk away with insight into how best to use the latest research in their incentive compensation design and in conversations with institutional shareholders.


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