Calibrating Risk and Reward for Your Business

Event Details

May 8, 2014

2-3 p.m. (ET)

Balancing risk and reward is a delicate operation that lies at the heart of executive compensation design, making it possible to directly align programs with a company’s unique business situation. If the risk/reward profile is not properly calibrated, retaining and motivating the talent needed to drive strategic priorities and long-term shareholder value becomes far more difficult – if not impossible. Compounding the difficulty of this balancing act is continued pressure on companies to conform to generic incentive designs that are based instead on peer group prevalence and proxy advisory firm guidelines.

Please join us for a complimentary webinar that will explore the incentive program levers that companies can use to customize their risk/reward profile to fit their business situation.

Among the areas that will be addressed by senior consultants from compensation consultancy Pearl Meyer & Partners (PM&P) :

  • Risk and reward implications of incentive program design “levers” such as:
    • Slope of the incentive plan payout line
    • Relative vs. absolute performance assessment
    • Long-term incentive vehicle mix
    • Discretionary or qualitative performance evaluation
  • Examples of how the choice of levers might change depending upon their business situation