Board Recruitment

Board Recruitment

Finding candidates with skill sets that strategically align with your board's needs today—and in the future—is critical. This resource center provides tools, expert advice, and guides to help boards achieve the right blend of talent in the boardroom.

Thought Leadership & Research

Blue Ribbon Commission Report on the Governance Committee: Driving Board Performance Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset The Gradual Evolution of Board Composition and Succession

Expert Commentary

Four Reasons to Cast Sunlight On Director Succession Planning Bridging the Generation Gap Strategic Recruiting Amid #MeToo Setting Up a First-Time Director for Success Achieving Buy-In For Board Change Boards Must Look to the Future with a Thoughtful Succession Plan to Lead and Win The Challenge of Adding Critical New Expertise to Boards Changing Course on Boardroom Composition Making Board Composition Part of the Strategic Plan The Strategically Aligned Board: How to Get There from Here Three Ways to Build a Strategic-Asset Board Engage Activists Through Strategic Board Recruitment

Advisory Services

In-Boardroom Custom Education Programs NACD Board Evaluations will identify whether your board has the right people and culture to lead your company to success Board Recruitment Services

Boardroom Tools & Templates

New Director Press Release Template New Director Sample Proxy Language Candidate Discussion Tool Customizable Director Role Description Sample full-board assessment I Sample full-board assessment II Sample board and committee assessment Considerations for improving board evaluation processes Sample Self-Assessment or Peer-Assessment Tool Sample Template for the Self-Evaluation, Peer Evaluation of a Lead Independent Director

Upcoming Events

Master Class Advanced Director Professionalism® NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit (Sep. 21–24, 2019, in Washington, DC)