Board Evaluations

Board Evaluations

Companies of all types have recognized the importance of evaluations as part of a larger strategy of continuous improvement. This resource center provides practical material on how to initiate and effectively implement evaluation processes within your boardroom.

Enhance the Board Evaluation Process

NACD Evaluation Services Considerations for Enhancing the Board Evaluation Process Ensuring Board Evaluations Have a Positive Outcome (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) Considerations for Improving Board Evaluation Processes How Boards Should Evaluate Their Own Performance (Harvard Business Review) NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: The Lead Director’s Role in Board Evaluation NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Director Professionalism NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Board Evaluation NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Maximizing the Governance Committee’s Potential

Board Evaluations: Committee, Individual, and Self Assessments

Template for a Sequence of Evaluation Events Nominating and Governance Committee Evaluation Template Nominating and Governance Committee Self-Evaluation Sample Compensation Committee Evaluation Template Compensation Committee Assessment Questionnaire Audit Committee Evaluation Template Audit Committee Sample Self-Assessment Questionnaire Board Self-Assessment on Cybersecurity Culture Sample Board and Committee Self-Evaluation Form Sample Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire Sample Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire Sample II Board and Committee Evaluation Templates Self-Assessment or Peer-Assessment Tool Sample Template for Self-Evaluation, Peer Evaluation of a Lead Independent Director

Ensure Proper Disclosure Around Board Evaluations

2019 Proxy Statement Provides Disclosure on Board Evaluations (Nielsen Holdings) Sample Disclosures About Board Evaluations

Prepare Your Board for the Future

How to Prepare for the Board’s Future The Latest Trends in Board Composition Achieving the “Right” Composition on Private Company Boards Roadmap for Continuous Board Improvement


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