Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

This resource center offers board-relevant guidance to help companies confront COVID-19 and mitigate its business impact. These practical resources are being frequently updated to reflect new developments. 

Understand and Respond to Critical Crisis Implications

Crisis Timelines Based on the Pandemic at Home and Abroad (NACD) Confronting COVID-19: Actions Boards Should Take (NACD) Checklist for Assessing Management's Crisis Response (NACD) Director Perspectives on Management’s Crisis Response Plans (NACD) Board Considerations on Data Privacy (The Wall Street Journal) Coronavirus Implications on M&A (BCG Henderson Institute) Assessing the Economic Shock of Coronavirus (Harvard Business Review) Implications of a Global Recession (Brink) Action Plan for CEOs around COVID-19 (Bain) Threat of Cyber Risk from COVID-19 (Oliver Wyman) Supply Chain Implications (Oliver Wyman) M&A Through COVID-19 (Vinson & Elkins) Anticipating Different COVID-19 Scenarios (McKinsey & Company) Global Heat Map of COVID-19 (Johns Hopkins University) Macroeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 (KPMG)

Preserve Board Effectiveness During the Crisis

Core Audit Committee Responsibilities in a Crisis (NACD) Director Perspectives on Governing Through a Pandemic (NACD) COVID-19’s Impact on Board Resiliency (NACD) Hosting Effective Virtual Board Meetings (NACD) Emerging Board Governance Priorities (NACD) Building Board-Management Dynamics to Withstand a Crisis (NACD and McKinsey) Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Board Oversight of Disruptive Risk (NACD) Enhancing Board Identification and Oversight of Disruptive Risks (NACD) Sample Board-Level Reporting: Scenario Analysis and Disruptive Risks (NACD) Evaluating the Board’s Role During the Pandemic (Deloitte) Board Leadership and Communications Through COVID-19 (Russell Reynolds) Board Oversight Throughout COVID-19 (Sidley) Board Oversight of Pandemic Response (KPMG)

Navigate Leadership and Workforce Challenges

The 'Tone at the Top' During the Pandemic (Forbes) The Impact of Leadership and Values Through the Crisis (Heidrick and Struggles) Questions to Ask While Emergency Succession Planning (Korn Ferry) Global Employer Responses to Coronavirus (SHRM) The Future of Work During the Crisis (Deloitte) Using Technology to Ensure Resilience (Deloitte) Planning for Virtual Work During a Crisis (Accenture) What to Expect from Your CEO in Times of Uncertainty (Russell Reynolds) Succession Planning through a Pandemic (The Wall Street Journal)

Ensure Effective Shareholder and Stakeholder Communications

SEC Filings as a Communication Platform (NACD) Efficient Virtual Shareholder Communications (NACD) Board Guidance on Communicating During Crisis Times (NACD) Considerations for External Disclosures Related to Board Oversight of Disruptive Risks (NACD) Activist Investors in the Age of Coronavirus (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) The Impact of Coronavirus on Shareholder Activism (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) Guidance on Effective Stakeholder Communications (Fried Frank) How Companies are Serving Stakeholders During the Crisis (Just Capital) Disclosure Impacts Stemming from COVID-19 (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) Impact of Coronavirus on Proxy Season (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) Corporate Social Responsibility During the Crisis (Forbes) Preparing for SEC Disclosures (Vinson & Elkins) How to Be a Stakeholder-Driven Company in a Pandemic (Forbes) Impact of COVID-19 on Proxy Contests (Sidley)

Adjust Executive and Director Compensation Plans

Determining Executive Compensation in Uncertain Times (NACD) Four Operating Principles for Developing Resilient Executive Compensation Programs (NACD) Directors Stepping up in Times of Crisis (Pearl Meyer) Effect of Coronavirus on Compensation (Semler Brossy) Revisiting Director Pay in Times of Crisis (Meridian) Impact of COVID-19 on Executive Compensation Programs (Semler Brossy) Effect of Coronavirus on Executive Base Pay (Pearl Meyer) Annual Equity Awards in the Wake of COVID-19 (Pearl Meyer)

Relevant Government, Market, and Industry Updates

Board Implications of the CARES Act (NACD) CDC Guidelines and Updates Regulatory Relief and Assistance from the SEC Federal Reserve Actions Updates IMF Policy Responses (International Monetary Fund) Key Business and Legal Updates (Sidley) Securities and Governance Updates (Weil) CARES Act Legislation (Congress) Travel Industry Guidance on Coronavirus (International Inbound Travel Association) Banking Response to COVID-19 (American Bankers Association) Guidance for Restaurants During the Crisis (National Restaurant Association) Manufacturing Roles and Responses to COVID-19 (National Association of Manufacturers) Nuclear Energy Responsibilities in Regards to COVID-19 (World Nuclear Association)

Adapt to a New Operating Reality and Plan for Recovery

Thinking Ahead of the Crisis (McKinsey & Company) Lessons from Chinese Companies’ Responses to Coronavirus (Harvard Business Review) Navigating Beyond the Crisis (BCG Henderson Institute) Post Crisis Response Planning (Korn Ferry)

Oversee Financial Reporting and Monitor Performance Throughout the Crisis

Financial Reporting Considerations Following Coronavirus (KPMG) Financial Reporting Updates Through COVID-19 (PwC) Accounting Considerations in Light of COVID-19 (BDO)