Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Risk Oversight

The Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Risk Oversight: Board Lessons for Turbulent Times addresses critical issues for directors looking to be a permanent and active part of the risk oversight solution. 

These key issues include:  

  • Why boards need to be involved in risk oversight, especially today
  • How a solid foundation of best practices can help directors oversee risk management
  • How management and the board can detect specific material risks
  • How directors can help companies address specific risks and prepare for crisis
  • What directors can do if a potential risk turns into an actual crisis 

The report also includes these Commission recommendations, among others:

  • Directors need to understand the specific risks facing the organization they serve, as well as make sure the board and management have processes in place to address these risks.
  • A board, based on the best practices of corporate governance, will have the best available tools to perform risk oversight effectively.
  • The most effective oversight of risk management includes the board’s constant awareness of all potential risks as it pursues its governance duties.
  • A highly effective board must have crisis management plans in place for possible risk related scenarios as well as a specific team ready to act upon these plans in moments of crisis.
  • In times of crisis, the board must remain vigilant and informed, while carrying out crisis-related procedures.