NACD CES<sup>®</sup> Experience

NACD CES® Experience

Las Vegas, NV

2019-01-07 10:00 - 2019-01-09 18:00

Begin 2019 ahead of the curve with advanced boardroom insights on the innovations and megatrends poised to disrupt every industry across the globe. 

NACD invites directors to the only board-focused experience at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®)—the world’s largest and most influential technology show. This exclusive opportunity, available only through NACD, is all-inclusive to provide everything you'll need to enjoy the show:

What is CES?

Celebrating 50 years of innovation, CES takes place every January in Las Vegas with 185,000 global leaders and start-ups from every industry and corner of the globe trying to visit nearly 3,800 booths for a glimpse of the next megatrend. 

How will directors benefit from the NACD CES Experience?

Technology, coupled with the shifting landscape of consumer tastes and social and demographic trends, is disrupting business in every industry at an increasingly rapid pace. Understanding how the convergence of these forces impact strategy and risk is core to effective oversight of strategy and risk. Directors must be more proactive than ever before in ensuring that their companies are alert to how these shifts impact the competitive landscape and can foster – or erode long term value creation. 

Event Date: January 7-9, 2019


NACD is curating exclusive, director-focused programming over two days at CES 2019 that combines interactive tours of leading exhibitors, VIP seating, and thought-provoking conversations with seasoned directors, executives, business advisors, technology experts, and Shelly Palmer—the premier trend-spotter of CES.

For a recap of CES 2018, read NACD Directorship article, "Insights from a Director-centric Tour of the World's Largest Tech Show."

Below please find a link to the 2019 agenda.  Be sure to check back for updates!



Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Registration will include two-night stay in a nearby hotel to the CES showroom. NACD staff will reach out to attendees following registration to complete arrangements.