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NACD offers four complimentary webinar series designed to strengthen your boardroom practices and help you stay abreast of emerging governance issues. Each webinar offers one (1) Skill Credit for NACD members working toward attaining or maintaining NACD FellowshipThe Gold Standard Director Credential®.

Tune in monthly with directors from all over the world or download the discussions at your convenience.

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Note that archived webinars are not eligible for NACD Fellowship credit.

Audit Committee Series

In Partnership with KPMG Board Leadership Center
Audit committee members, C-suite executives, and professionals from KPMG and NACD will share insights and provide updates on issues affecting audit committee and board oversight—from key accounting and regulatory changes to new developments in risk oversight.

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Boardroom Excellence Series

In Partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions
Join your peers for this complimentary webinar series designed to demonstrate how you and your board can use the NACD Key Agreed Principles to strengthen your own governance model. Tune in to inform your own practices and to stay on top of changes in the boardroom environment—your shareowners, management and boardroom colleagues will thank you.

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Compensation Committee Series

In Partnership with Pearl Meyer
Take advantage of leading perspectives and practical, straightforward guidance on the key trends shaping executive and Director compensation. Experienced Board members and compensation experts offer insightful thinking and actionable information to help compensation committees develop pay programs that drive business and leadership strategy.

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Specialty Webinar Series

NACD Directorship 2020
Join NACD and your peers for the topically-focused webinar series addressing disruptive forces shaping business worldwide. From geo-political risk and emerging economic forces to technology and innovation and demographic changes, this series will give you the insights you need to help inform and shape strategic conversations in the boardroom.

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The Strategic-Asset General Counsel
One of the many roles the general counsel must undertake is partner to the board. Doing so allows the general counsel and directors to more effectively understand the risk and opportunity in strategic decisions. Participate in this webinar series to hear how experienced general counsel and directors have effectively managed this partnership through key governance moments.

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Workforce of the Future Series
with Support from PwC

As we face a future driven by powerful evolutionary forces – the mega-trends which are fundamentally reshaping the world of work – is your board considering the implications and necessary strategies required to deal with the evolving and multiple visions of the future? Of equal importance, what are the risks of being left behind? The Workforce of the Future webinars will address, but not be limited to the following issues: a new era of talent, technology trends reshaping the workforce, getting to grips with data, the marketplace without boundaries, leveraging global networks, and the future of global mobility.

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