NACD <em>Board Leadership Fellowship</em>

NACD Board Leadership Fellowship


NACD Board Leadership Fellowship—the highest level of two NACD Fellowship® paths—empowers experienced and rising board leaders with a pathway of continuous insights, intelligence, and leading boardroom practices.

NACD Board Leadership Fellows elevate their board-leadership competencies and translate that knowledge into The Gold Standard Director Credential®—recognized by investors, regulators, and the director community.

Be recognized as an NACD Board Leadership Fellow. Begin with an NACD Foundation Course most relevant to your experience. Select either Advanced Director Professionalism®,designed for mid-career directors, or Master Class, designed for our most tenured directors. To complete your Board Leadership Fellowship, build on your foundation of knowledge by earning six (6) skill and four (4) collaborative credits. Maintain your credential annually by earning earning six (6) skill and four (4) collaborative credits through NACD's wide variety of director education programs each year.

Step 1: Attend Advanced Director Professionalism® or Master Class

Begin your Board Leadership Fellowship path by attending Advanced Director Professionalism® OR Master Class.

NACD Advanced Director Professionalism®
Equips experienced directors with the competencies and skills required for effective committee and board leadership.

NACD Master Class
Fosters thought-provoking analysis and mastery of today’s board leadership strategies among seasoned directors.

Palmetto Bluff, SC
December 12–13, 2019


Step 2: Complete 6 Skill and 4 Collaborative Credits

Build on your foundation by earning ten (10) NACD Fellowship Credits within one year.
Earn 6 Skill and 4 Collaborative Fellowship Credits.

Earn all credits at once by attending the following upcoming annual specialty event: 

NACD Global Board Leaders' Summit: 12 Skill + 10 Collaborative

Additional opportunities to earn credits include: 

Live Webinars: 1 Skill
Peer Exchanges: 3 Collaborative
Local Chapter Events: vary

Please visit our event calendar for a full listing of events credits. Once a course is completed, your credits are recorded and uploaded to your NACD profile.

*Skill Credits are earned through NACD programs that heighten expertise, teach a new skill, and improve productivity in the boardroom.

*Collaborative Credits are earned through NACD programs which feature outside perspectives, are more interactive, and provide outstanding networking.

For current Fellows: Please review your Fellowship transcript for a history of your NACD completed courses.

Step 3: Maintain 6 Skill and 4 Collaborative Credits Annually

Maintain your credential by earning ten (10) NACD Fellowship Credits year after year.

View your Fellowship cycle and credits required.

Please visit our event calendar for a full listing of events and Fellowship credits.


Start your pathway to Fellowship by registering for:

Master Class
Next up: Palmetto Bluff, SC
December 12-13, 2019


For more information, contact or 571-367-3700.