How does your board stack up?

How does your board stack up?

Board Benchmark Reports and Consultations

NACD Benchmark Reports offer distinct, comparative insights, many not available through public data. They include how boards govern their enterprises, deliver on growing mandates, and prioritize their scarce time in an environment of increasing investor expectations.

Based on results from NACD’s annual governance surveys, these reports offer detailed, size-based benchmarks on critical board priorities, emerging trends, quarterly meeting agendas, and shifting oversight practices in areas such as strategy and risk. Boards can use the report to validate current approaches, consider specific governance changes in 2019, and identify emerging issues that demand deeper board engagement.

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Sample Report

Benchmarking graphic


Four public company reports segmented by market capitalization

  • Large- and Mega-Cap (greater than $10 billion)
  • Medium-Cap ($2 billion to $10 billion)
  • Small-Cap ($300 million to $2 billion)
  • Micro- and Nano-Cap (less than $300 million)


Two private company reports segmented by revenue

  • Large (greater than $250 million)
  • Small (less than $250 million)


  • Make your board a stronger strategic asset. Benchmarks help boards assess whether they are adapting their governance practices sufficiently to meet rapidly changing expectations and respond to disruptive, new trends.
  • Support 2019 board agenda planning. Learn how peers organize their board agendas and identify potential gaps in your 2019 oversight plans. For example, is your board devoting enough attention to the strength of corporate culture or the impact of technological change?
  • Make the case for specific governance changes. Use the findings and NACD recommendations to inform specific decisions about governance changes. For example, the report can help you to rethink the frequency and scope of your board evaluation process.
  • Prepare for more effective engagement with major investors. The report offers insights into (new) topics that investors want to discuss directly with boards of your peer companies (only those that are publicly traded).


NACD Board Benchmark Reports are an exclusive benefit of NACD Full Board Membership.

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