WASHINGTON, DC (November 14, 2017) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 17,000 board members, today announced 102 corporate directors who earned NACD FellowshipThe Gold Standard Director Credential®. The directors earned NACD Fellowship® while attending the 2017 Global Board Leaders’ Summit in October. These corporate directors serve on the boards of Fortune 500, nonprofit, and private companies that include the following organizations:*

American Gas Assoc.

American Heart Assoc.

Aspen Technology Inc.



Cascade Engineering


E*TRADE Financial Corp.

Eldorado Resorts Inc.

Denny’s Corp.

Hershey Trust Co.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.

Interpublic Group of Cos. Inc.



NueLion Inc.

Retail Properties of America Inc.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

St. John’s University

The Wendy’s Co.

*Partial Listing

NACD Fellowship, the highest standard of credentialing for corporate directors, is a comprehensive and continuous program of study that empowers directors with the latest boardroom insights, intelligence, and practices—equipping them to lead their boards with confidence.

Directors can earn one of two NACD Fellowship credentials, which Anne Sheehan, director of corporate governance for CalSTRS, has called “the gold standard” in director credentialing. NACD Governance Fellows build proficiencies in the fundamentals of governance, while NACD Board Leadership Fellows continue to refine their board leadership competencies year after year.

“At a minimum, individuals serving as independent chairs and/or lead directors should earn NACD Fellowship status to bolster confidence in their leadership, both inside and outside the boardroom,” said Patrick McGurn, special counsel and head of strategic research and analysis at Institutional Shareholder Services.

Sheehan concurred: “America needs well-rounded directors who are sensitive to public-company shareowners, and who can clearly demonstrate their value on proxy disclosures. I always look forward to meeting NACD Fellows.”

NACD Fellowship is backed by 40 years of NACD experience and represents thousands of the world’s largest and most-diverse companies.

"Directors who choose to enhance their skills and acumen by becoming NACD Fellows demonstrate to company management, shareholders, and their peers a desire to perform their fiduciary duties to the best of their abilities," said Peter Gleason, president and CEO of NACD. "I am pleased to recognize these distinguished leaders, who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance."

The new cadre of NACD Fellows includes 54 Board Leadership Fellows and 48 Governance Fellows, whose boards span a wide range of industries: aerospace and defense, agriculture, banking, computer software, energy and utilities, engineering, financial services, food services, health care, higher education, industrial machinery, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.

Individuals Named NACD Board Leadership Fellows

Charlene Begley Mel Flanigan Jim McKinney
Michael Belz James Fogarty John Montgomery
Bonnie Biumi Patricia Galloway Richard Munro
Jim Borel Ben Halpert Peter Nelson
Robert Bostrom Gregory Hedges Susan Rheney
Vesta Bovair Robert Heist Dante Robinson
David Boyer Edgar Heizer Donald Robinson
Jeffery Bray Douglas Hile John Robinson
Joyce Cacho Mark Hipp Len Rodman
Eileen Campbell Douglas Holtby Jane Sadowsky
Mollie Carter Rajive Johri Dwight Smith
Jocelyn Carter-Miller Dennis Kass Lauren Smith
Mel Collazo John Kennedy Myrna Soto
Jackie Cushman Shelley Leibowitz Paulo Vasconcellos
Jody Davids Michael MacDonald Andrea Weiss
Robert DeAlmeida Rafael Matute Alan Wells
Tanuja Dehne Jeffrey McCreary Michael White
Ana Dutra Tom McGimpsey Paul Williams


Individuals Named NACD Governance Fellows

Derek Adair Jamal Farhat Larry Mazza
Robert Bagley Lucy Fato Nathan McKinley
Elijah Barnes Kaye Foster Janet Miller
Matt Becker Gary Gates Thad Minaldi
Sandra Beretta Rex Geveden Isabel Monteiro
James Blackledge Al Glowasky Linda Moore
Glenn Brooks Joseph Hoff Florie Perellis
Karen Brown Joe Johnson Antonio Pietri
Michael Carreon Nikan Khatibi Michael Premo
Teresa Castanias Amos Khim Bonnie Reitz
Tom Cink Patrick Khoury David Shaffer
Shelva Clemons Michael Klein Sam Smolik
James Cook Frank Kurre Bret Snyder
Matthew Coon Come Joseph Leo Gail Stewart
Roger Dow Richard Mark Roger Sugarman
Marie Eckstein Hope Mason Brian Talley

For more information about NACD Fellowship, visit NACDonline.org/Fellowship or contact Meghan Metzbower at Fellowship@NACDonline.org or 571-367-3638.

About NACD

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) empowers more than 17,000 directors to lead with confidence in the boardroom. As the recognized authority on leading boardroom practices, NACD helps boards strengthen investor trust and public confidence by ensuring that today’s directors are well prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. World-class boards join NACD to elevate performance, gain foresight, and instill confidence. Fostering collaboration among directors, investors, and corporate governance stakeholders, NACD has been setting the standard for responsible board leadership for 40 years. To learn more about NACD, visit www.NACDonline.org.