About NACD

About NACD

Advancing Exemplary Board Leadership

NACD empowers more than 19,000 directors to lead with confidence in the boardroom. As the recognized authority on leading boardroom practices, NACD helps boards strengthen investor trust and public confidence by ensuring that today's directors are well prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

World-class boards join NACD to elevate performance, gain foresight, and instill confidence. Fostering collaboration among directors, investors, and governance stakeholders, NACD has been setting the standard for responsible board leadership for 40 years.

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Director Education

In the spirit of helping corporate directors foster boardroom cultures that are focused on continuous improvement, long-term value creation, and strengthening investor trust and public confidence, NACD has established the standard for director education. Using its proprietary director education framework, NACD's standard creates the most comprehensive director knowledge pathway—from awareness to insights to mastery.