About NACD

About NACD

Empowering Directors. Transforming Boards.

NACD is the leading member organization for corporate directors who want to expand their knowledge, grow their network, and maximize their potential.

For over 40 years, NACD has been helping boards elevate their performance and create long-term value. Our thought leadership continues to raise standards of excellence and advance board effectiveness at thousands of member organizations. Through our insights, education, and credentialing – supported by our peer network of over 23,000 members – boards are able to make high-quality decisions on the most pressing and strategic issues facing their business today.

We understand that in business, change is the only constant. This is why we continue to grow and evolve — arming today’s directors with insights and education that drive their mission forward, while preparing a new generation of boardroom leaders to meet tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

We are NACD — a community of directors driven by a common purpose: to be trusted catalysts of economic opportunity and positive change — in business and in the communities we serve.


We empower directors and transform boards to be future ready.


Corporate boards are recognized as trusted catalysts of economic change – in business and the communities they serve.


We are one NACD.
We succeed through member impact.
We communicate openly.
We deliver.
We are continuous learners.
We are innovators.

Director Education

NACD has established the standard for director education in the spirit of helping corporate directors foster boardroom cultures focused on continuous improvement, long-term value creation, and strengthening investor trust and public confidence. Using its proprietary director education framework, NACD creates the most comprehensive director knowledge pathway—from awareness to insights to mastery.

NACD is continually adapting our director-education approach to enable directors to get ahead of emerging issues in a rapidly changing environment. As boardrooms witness more first-time directors than ever before and the expectations for directors continue to increase, NACD offers the first US-based certification program for corporate directors: NACD Directorship Certification®. The program equips directors with essential knowledge and elevates the profession of directorship as a whole.

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