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Compensation Alignment for Long-Term Growth - NACD BoardVision

Compensation, when properly aligned to business and leadership strategy, can help ensure the ongoing viability and growth of the enterprise. David Swinford, president and CEO of Pearl Meyer, and Charles M. Elson, director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance discuss performance metrics that truly drive long-term value and how to balance those with commonly used measures such as TSR.

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SEC's Proposed Pay for Performance Rules - NACD BoardVision

Deborah Lifshey, managing director with the New York office of Pearl Meyer & Partners, and Martin Coyne II, chairman and CEO of NACD’s New Jersey Chapter, take a close look at the SEC’s proposed rules on pay-for-performance disclosures and the possible ramifications of those mandates. Pearl Meyer & Partners provides their commentary to the SEC in the latest edition of, As We See It, their series of publications on executive compensation trends and issues. Click here to download the PDF.

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Compensation Practices and Fair Director Pay - NACD BoardVision

Certain compensation practices can have a potentially damaging effect on a company’s reputation, which makes determining what constitutes fair director pay no easy task. Daniel Laddin, founding partner of Compensation Advisory Partners, and Martin M. Coyne, II, Chairman and CEO of NACD’s New Jersey Chapter, offer their insights on today’s most critical compensation issues.

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Executive Pay & Activism - NACD BoardVision 361º

Executive compensation is a perpetual hot-button topic—and one that activists frequently use to court shareholders. Roger Brossy, managing director of Semler Brossy, talks with Blair Jones, managing director of Semler Brossy, and Ken Bertsch, partner at CamberView Partners, about strategies directors can use to effectively communicate the principles that support the company’s pay practices.

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Pros and Cons of TSR - NACD BoardVision

Although total shareholder return (TSR) remains a popular means to measure long-term performance, there are also some considerable drawbacks in using this tool. Peter Lupo, managing partner at Pearl Meyer & Partners, and Robert E. Klatell, chairman of TTM Technologies, weigh the pros and cons of TSR.

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Executive Compensation: Maximizing Impact - NACD BoardVision

In this episode of NACD BoardVision, Chris Clark, Publisher of NACD Directorship magazine discusses some new ideas in executive compensation with Aalap Shah, Vice President at Pearl Meyer & Partners.

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Engaging Through Comp Communication - NACD BoardVision

In this edition of NACD BoardVision, the findings in the executive summary of a Pearl Meyer & Partners' research report titled “Creating Engagement Through Executive Compensation Communication” are discussed by Sharon Podstupka, vice president of Pearl Meyer & Partners; public-company director Ernest L. Godshalk; and Christopher Y. Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship magazine.

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Breaking Down Realized and Realizable Pay- NACD BoardVision

This edition of NACD BoardVision goes beyond definitions to break down realized and realizable pay. Join Christopher Clark, publisher of NACD's Directorship Magazine and Eric Hosken, Partner at Compensation Advisory Partners as they talk about how compensation regulations affect businesses today.

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Results of Say on Pay Voting - NACD BoardVision

Christopher Y. Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship Magazine, hosts this edition of NACD BoardVision with guest Melissa Burek, partner at Compensation Advisory Partners. The discussion centers around the obvious and no so obvious results from say on pay voting, how performance fits into the results, and what surprises could be ahead in 2014.

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Compensation Committees and Goal Setting - NACD BoardVision

This episode of NACD BoardVision examines the expectations that boards face when setting annual compensation goals. Christopher Y. Clark, publisher of NACD Directorship Magazine, and Kelly Malafis, partner at Compensation Advisory Partners, discuss best practices for rigorous goal setting.

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