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Directorship Magazine June/July 2010 Issue

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June/July 2010


The Annual Litigation Guide


The Director's Guide to CEO Succession

The Ins and Outs of Successful CEO Transitions

A talk with the experts on CEO succession.
by NACD Editors

The Director's Guide to CEO Succession

Nothing Succeeds Like Succession

Adhering to best practices will protect reputation and value.
by Joe Griesedick

The Director's Guide to CEO Succession

Executive Compensation Programs Can Help or Hurt CEO Succession

Thoughtful and proactive executive compensation policies are important to CEO succession.
by Matthew Turner

The Director's Guide to CEO Succession

Overcoming Resistance to Succession

Some sage advice for boards seeking an effective CEO succession plan of action.
by Nels Olson

The Directors Guide to Liability

Expect the Unexpected Before the Crisis Calls

An emergency plan may be very different than what's needed long term.
by David M. Lynn

The Director's Guide to Liability

Risks Rising

An overview of the increasingly contentious climate for D&O liability
by Lawrence Fine and Mark Curley

The Director's Guide to Liability

The Ultimate Insurance Check List

Protecting your assets requires prudent questioning.
by NACD Editors

The Director's Guide to Liability

Litigation 101: You’ve Been Sued. What Now?

How directors should deal with a lawsuit.
by David Hennes

The Director's Guide to Liability

Avoiding The “F” Word

How your external auditor can help you avoid internal fraud.
by Robert Levine


President's Letter

Just-in-Time Benefits

Directors need more than "just-in-time" resources and solutions.
by Kenneth Daly

Editor’s Note

On the Trail

A word about guides.
by Judy Warner

The Director’s Chair

Boards Need to Regain High Ground and Preserve Relevance

It will take substantive changes for boards to regain the trust needed to re-establish their governance authority. Boards need to transform themselves into strong, highly functioning work groups whose members trust and challenge one another.
by Fred G. Steingraber and Karen Kane

Keeping Count

The Director's Guide to CEO Succession

The issue of CEO succession as viewed from the recruiter, legal and compensation consultant's perspective. Plus: Veteran directors and C-suite executives opine on what work, and what doesn't.
by NACD Editors

Washington Update

SEC Takes On Proxy Plumbing; Audit Body Wants Issues, Not Lists

Here's a guide for directors to navigate their way through Washington.
by NACD Editors

In Practice

What's in Store From the PCAOB

Globalization has spurred efforts to overhaul accounting standards.
by Anthony Costantini


The New Dialogue Between Boards, Shareholders and Management

New rules, increased activism and disclosure, scrutiny of director qualifications reshape the conversation.
by NACD Editors


New Books for Boards

Board-savvy authors offer new guidance on hot topics.
by Gretchen Michals Salois

Boardroom Journal

For Whom The Housing Boomed

Harlem and 42nd St. benefited from rise in property values and good leadership.
by Jeffrey M. Cunningham



What You Know Matters, Who You Are Is Essential

A rigorous director selection process accounts for the whole person.
by Steve Mader


Benchmarking Key Disclosures Against Peers

Benchmarking can help management and the audit committee have a more robust discussion about what the company is disclosing, why and how.
by Mary Pat McCarthy and Teresa E. Iannaconi