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Directorship Magazine November/December 2017 Issue

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November/December 2017


Portraits of Excellence


The Power of Difference: Putting the pieces in place to create a culture of inclusion

This supplement to NACD Directorship helps directors to put the pieces in place to create a culture of inclusion.
by Jesse Rhodes, Mike Fucci, Susan M. Angele, Orlando Ashford, and Phyllis Deiso

Boardroom Guide to Blockchain

How Blockchain Could Upset, Facilitate Business

It could turn out to be the most disruptive technology since the Internet. But what is blockchain, and why does it belong on boardroom agendas?
by Jesse Rhodes

11 Takeaways From Summit

In case you missed it: highlights from the best of the 2017 NACF Global Board Leaders' Summit.
by NACD Editors

Directors’ Perspectives: Guidelines for Making CEO Succession Count

The decisions boards make when developing and selecting leaders have far-reaching consequences that for better or worse will shape the culture for years to come.
by Jane Edison Stevenson


CEO’s Letter

Giving Thanks

NACD President and CEO Peter Gleason reflects on all we have to give thanks for.
by Peter Gleason

Editor’s Note

On Vulnerability

If empathy was the watchword of NACD’s Global Board Leaders’ Summit in 2016, then vulnerability was the byword this year.
by Judy Warner

Need to Know

Need to Know

Competing for Computing Power, New Audit Rules, Best Business Books of 2017, More
by Katie Swafford

Delaware Watch

When Directors Breach Fiduciary Duty

A Delaware Court of Chancery decision addressed how the court will review claims for the breach of duty of loyalty.
by Francis G.X. Pileggi

Director Development

Becoming a Global Director

Being a jet-setting global director might sound attractive, but as with all things, there are myriad implications to consider
by Rochelle Campbell

Entrepreneurial Governance

How Onboarding Positions Small-Cap Boards for Success

Despite the challenges of governing small-cap companies, it’s remarkable that most still don’t have formal or even informal onboarding procedures.
by Adam J. Epstein

Private Company Insights

Accounting for Growth

As an increasing number of firms are driven by knowledge- based assets and are more frequently funded through private investors, accounting choices are expected to impact a company's success.
by Brian Hughes

Small Talk

Small Talk

More Harm Than Good?, Making a Statement, More
by Jesse Rhodes


The Power of Difference

This supplement to the November/December 2017 issue of NACD Directorship magazine examines which pieces need to be put together to build a culture of inclusion.
by NACD Editors


Risk Oversight

The Board as the Shareholders’ Eyes and Ears

The full board should retain responsibility for risk oversight consistent with its responsibility for strategy.
by Joseph Tarantino

Nonprofit Governance

Strengthening the Onboarding Practices Of New Directors

Nonprofit organizations and associations play a critical role in society. A survey of their board members identifies a number of strengths—and one glaring weakness.
by Julian Ha, Bill Hudson, and David K. Rehr


Board Oversight of Algorithmic Risk

The growth in use of increasingly complex algorithms should spark a conversation in the boardroom about the risks involved with them.
by Dilip Krishna and Bob Lamm


Bringing Pay for Performance Into Focus Requires the Right Lens

Effective pay-for-performance can be demonstrated, but only if the concept of pay is viewed through the right lens.
by Annette Leckie and Charles Grace

ESG, Strategy, and the Long View

If stakeholders expect companies to focus on ESG issues, and companies believe that their reputation and brand could be impacted (positively or negatively), what’s stopping boards and companies from addressing ESG as a strategic issue?
by Dennis T. Whalen