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Directorship Magazine May/June 2017 Issue

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May/June 2017


Enhancing Cyber-Risk Oversight


Company to Director: You’re Fired!

An excerpt from a forthcoming book on private-company directorship looks at how to navigate the complexities of letting a director go.
by Dennis Cagan


CEO’s Letter

Managing Insecurity

CEO and President Peter Gleason on overcoming insecurity.
by Peter Gleason

Editor’s Note

A Sound Investment

As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."
by Judy Warner

The Director’s Chair

The Risk Cyberattacks Pose to Corporate Directors

It’s only a matter of time until your organization is hit by a substantial cyberattack.
by William Fawcett

Need to Know

Need to Know

The Wells Fargo Board Report, Progress Toward Parity, A Common Cybersecurity Language, More
by Katie Swafford

Keeping Count

Making Sustainability Count

Investors are increasingly calling for companies in all industries to address ESG-related issues.
by Ashley Marchand Orme

Washington Update

A Focus on Clayton, Clawbacks, and Cyberexpertise

Washington has turned to regulations, regulators, and the consequences of breaking with compliance.
by Judy Warner

Delaware Watch
NACD Board Leadership Fellow

Colleen Birdnow Brown

Crisis Manager. Team Builder. Engaged Leader.
by Jesse Rhodes


Art + Science + Rebel = Genius

Walter S. Isaacson on the hallmarks of innovators.
by Judy Warner

In Practice

Optimizing Your Understanding of Digital Data

Digital data is the new lifeline into customer insights.
by Charlotte Whitmore


How Boards Can Swiftly Rise to the Challenge of Overseeing a Crisis

Directors discussed insights and best practices for how a board can function effectively as a company’s rapid response team in the event of a crisis.
by Jesse Rhodes


How to Engage Investors for Long-Term Value Creation

Effective engagement between the board, management, and institutional investors, is at the heart of good governance.
by Sheila Hooda

Director Development

Mapping Your Professional DNA

Before diving into the board-position search, first consider what makes up your professional DNA.
by Rochelle Campbell

Entrepreneurial Governance

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Purchasing D&O Policies

Small-cap companies' boards are vulnerable to over- and under-purchasing D&O liability insurance.
by Adam J. Epstein



Newly names directors at Procter & Gamble, Cisco Systems, Land O'Lakes, and More. Plus: Activists drive changes at motor companies' boards.
by Katie Swafford

Private Company Insights

Why Good Governance Attracts Investors

Many venture investors are looking for start-ups that prioritize governance.
by Brian Hughes and Conor Moore

Small Talk

Building a Future, Pleased to Meet?, But Wait—There’s More!

Conversation starters to delight and break the ice.
by Jesse Rhodes

From Battlefield to Boardroom

A View From the Boardroom Frontlines

Thoughtful perspectives on directorship from USAA CEO Stuart Parker and board Chair Lester L. Lyles, and CACI International director Warren R. Phillips.
by Judy Warner


Discounting Materiality for a Sustainable Future

Moving beyond short-term investment to seeing long-term value is a sustainability challenge for some boards.
by Alessia Falsarone


Climate Competence in the Boardroom

How can directors train up on the least they need to know to become climate-competent directors?
by Dennis T. Whalen

The Practical Implications of Shareholder Analytics

How could analysis of corporate data impact your shareholder communications and proxy votes?
by Sharyn S. Bilenker


Rethinking Cyber-Risk Maxims

Like other corporate risks, cyber risk can be managed through a combination of avoidance, treatment, acceptance, and transfer mechanisms, but its complexity and evolving nature demand a more thorough assessment.
by Jeffrey Batt

How Boards Can Help Companies Stay Ahead Of the Labor Shortage

Explore the reasons behind the current labor shortages--and what can be done by corporations to mitigate the problem.
by Phyllis Deiso

Share Plans

How to Get Your Share Plan Approved

The biggest issue cited in a failing vote is the sheer size of the share request, so it is important to get that right.
by Chris Havey and James Limmer