NACD - National Association of Corporate Directors
Directorship Magazine March/April 2017 Issue

Table of Contents

March/April 2017


The Promise of Deregulation


History Lessons on Globalization

Jeffrey E. Garten explains how demonizing globalization may slow it down--but it will not be stopped.
by Judy Warner

Getting a Clear Board’s-Eye View of Company Performance

A look at using financial metrics to describe value creation and how each measure has its share of upsides and pitfalls.
by Jesse Rhodes

Governance Challenges Driving the Audit Agenda

A discussion of the governance challenges facing boards in 2017, including the shifting geopolitical and economic landscape, the increasing focus on board composition, and cybersecurity.
by NACD Editors

Sustaining a Culture of Compliance

Highlights from a roundtable discussion about the challenges that board members face due to heightened compliance standards, and the measures companies are taking to foster a culture of compliant, ethical decision making.
by Corey Albright


CEO’s Letter

On Meetings

NACD CEO Peter R. Gleason on the importance of building consensus.
by Peter Gleason

Keeping Count

Director Pay: Slow Evolution in a Changing Environment

Pearl Meyer and NACD present highlights from the 18th annual director compensation report.
by Ashley Marchand Orme

NACD Board Leadership Fellow

Cynthia Todd Jamison

Meet Cynthia Todd Jamison, a change agent, independent thinker, and board builder.
by Jesse Rhodes

In Practice

Seeing Opportunity in Reputation Risk

When handled well, a crisis can lead to a reputation opportunity or a reputation-enhancing event. Here's how.
by Jeff Hoffman and Andrea Bonime-Blanc

Easing the Myriad Burdens of the Bank Director

An examination of the regulatory burden unique to boards of financial institutions.
by Paul L. Lee

Peer Exchange
Leading Minds of Governance

Exploring the Latest Trends In Board Composition and Talent Oversight

Experts examine the ways in which directors can evaluate talent around the boardroom table and in the C-suite, and determine how to keep a life force of talent flowing throughout all levels of the organization.
by Jesse Rhodes


Why It’s Time for Shareholder Proposal Reform

The opportunity cost of misspent engagement is one overlooked consequence of the current shareholder proposal regime.
by Mary A. Francis

Entrepreneurial Governance

Nasdaq’s Daniel Romito on the Unique Challenges of Small Companies

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions' Daniel Romito on how boards can use data to anticipate and respond to an activist engagement.
by Adam J. Epstein


Understanding the Underpinnings of Populism

A look at three books that examine the new rise of populism.
by Katie Grills

Private Company Insights

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach to Private Equity Investment

Why a stakeholder-centric approach to private equity investing can generate returns at or above market expectations.
by Salvatore Melilli

Small Talk

Flower Power, Panda-nomics, More

A quirky look at how flowers, cows, and pandas are reshaping business.
by Jesse Rhodes


Audit Committee Roundup

What’s Top of Mind for Audit Committees?

Key takeaways from KPMG's 2017 Global Audit Committee Pulse Survey.
by Jose R. Rodriguez

Does Corporate Culture Matter?

A case study in how one company measured its culture and was consequently able to turn itself around.
by Daniel R. Denison and Robert Hallagan


Why Marketing Should Matter to Boards

How the chief marketing officer can be a risk management asset to the board.
by Diana O'Brien and Deborah DeHaas

Executive Compensation

LTI Considerations When the CEO Retires

How boards can view long-term incentive awards in the context of a planned CEO retirement.
by Thomas Ramagnano

Regulatory Compliance

The Agile Board: Preparing for Compliance Amid Uncertainty

How boards can approach the CEO pay disclosure rule in an uncertain regulatory environment.
by Phyllis Deiso