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Directorship Magazine September/October 2014 Issue

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September/October 2014


Playing for Keeps


NACD Directorship 2020

Environmental and Competitive Disruptors Likely to Transform Board Agendas

Linda J. Fisher and Adam Hartung discuss the importance of staying alert to sustainability issues and the secrets to honing a competitive edge.
by Ashley Marchand Orme

Small-Cap Forum

Coping With the Challenges of Small Companies

A slate of experts discusses how boards can actively manage the resolute governance issues facing companies below $500 million in market capitalization.
by Jesse Rhodes

Ensuring a Seamless Transition to CEO

A lesson in how boards can build proficiency in succession planning and ensure they select the right leader.
by Jane Edison Stevenson, Kevin Cashman, and Dave Heine

Spanning Distances to Move Money, Create Value

An in-depth look at Western Union's Shared Value Initiative.
by NACD Editors


President's Letter

Partnership in Action

NACD CEO Ken Daly reflects on the issues facing today's directors.
by Kenneth Daly

Editor’s Note

Cyber Paradox

With all the freedom and possibility that living an interconnected, wired life provides, there is a seamy underside.
by Judy Warner

The Director’s Chair

Nonprofit Board Membership: Should You Accept the Honor?

Before accepting nonprofit board membership, there are several factors you need to take into consideration and many key questions you need to ask.
by Joyce M. Johnson

Keeping Count

Pay Dividends Today or Reinvest for Tomorrow?

A look at the perpetual dilemma of finding the balance between returning cash to shareholders and retaining cash for investment.
by Matt Abedi

Washington Update

Initial Disclosures on Conflict Minerals Show Costs, Lengths of Reporting

Companies take a detailed look at their supply chains as they file their first conflict minerals reports to the SEC.
by Ashley Marchand Orme

Delaware Watch

Attorney-Client Privilege Revisited

Wal-Mart decision serves to caution directors about what they say and to whom.
by Francis G.X. Pileggi

NACD Board Leadership Fellow

Richard Goeglein

Richard Goeglein, the former CEO of Aladdin Gaming, shares his most valuable learning opportunities.
by NACD Editors


Keeping Creativity in Compensation

Robert A. Eckert and Robin A. Ferracone provide their insight about pay-for-performance programs and other executive compensation issues.
by Robert A. Eckert and Robin A. Ferracone

In Practice
Mergers & Acquisitions

Advice for Effective Board Mergers

The board may be least effective post-deal, at the very time when its oversight may be most important.
by Johanne Bouchard and Ken Smith


Executive Wealth Management Services: Excessive Perk or Prudent Benefit?

Easing the burden of money management for top executives may be worth potential pushback.
by John D. Nozell

Investor Communications

Shareholder Engagement: A Central Role for Directors

Technology enables directors to scale their engagement efforts.
by Charles V. Callan

Peer Exchange

Regulation as a Disruptive Force

Cynthia Fornelli of the Center for Audit Quality leads a discussion on how audit committee members can address the disruptive force of regulation.
by Ashley Marchand Orme


Pivoting in the Boardroom

Author and management consultant Andrew Winston on his new book on sustainability issues.
by Jeffrey M. Cunningham

Private Company Insights
Boardroom Journal

For Whom the Bell Trolls

A look at internet trolling and how policymakers are inhibiting economic recovery.
by Jeffrey M. Cunningham


Guidance for Director-Shareholder Engagement

Philip Richter answers questions about how directors and shareholders engage.
by Philip Richter

Chapter Spotlight

NACD Marks a Decade in the Centennial State

Colorado’s experience—derived from its high-tech, high-risk heritage—has helped to refine the protocols that have become key priorities for corporate boards.
by Taylor Simonton


CEO Succession

Overcoming the Challenge of ‘Mismanaged Agreement’ Among Directors

John T. Thompson explains how directors can avoid procrastinating discussions about succession planning.
by John T. Thompson


Can You Manage Peer Group Disputes?

Bill Reilly shares several approaches to resolving conflicts over peer group composition.
by Bill Reilly

Audit Committee Roundup

Getting Accounting Judgments, Estimates ‘Right’

Dennis T. Whalen provides talking points for a robust audit committee discussion about accounting judgments and estimates.
by Dennis T. Whalen

Executive Compensation

Variations on ‘Conventional’ Compensation Themes

Mary Ann Polk and Daniel Rodda offer some unconventional wisdom on compensation program design.
by Mary Ann Polk and Daniel Rodda

Board Composition

Embracing Diversity on the Board Is One Way to Reduce Risk

Phyllis Deiso discusses steps boards can take to increase diversity as a means of trying to mitigate overall risk.
by Phyllis Deiso


How Compensation Strategies Can Enhance Succession Planning

Kelly Malafis and Eric Hosken explain how succession planning and effective compensation programs go hand-in-hand.
by Kelly Malafis and Eric Hosken

Internal Audit

Effective Risk Management and Control: As Easy as 1, 2, 3?

Richard F. Chambers highlights an Institute of Internal Auditors position paper about effective risk management.
by Richard Chambers