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Mary Ann Cloyd

Mary Ann Cloyd is the leader of PwC’s Center for Board Governance and has morethan 35 years of public accounting experience. PwC recently published an edition in its Audit Committee Excellence Series on accounting changes and the new revenue recognition standard.

Entries by Mary Ann Cloyd

What You Need to Know About the New Revenue Recognition Standard

April 10, 2015

The Financial Accounting Standards Board last year issued its revenue recognition standard. Mary Ann Cloyd, who leads PwC's Center for Board Governance, shares some key points about the standard.


Dare to Be Different: A Strong Business Needs Diversity in the Boardroom

March 29, 2014

To improve diversity, boards should plan for their own succession as rigorously as they plan for the CEO’s.


When Is a Good Time for the Board to Communicate Directly with Shareholders?

January 13, 2014

A director should generally not meet alone with a shareholder.