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Dean A. Yoost

Dean A. Yoost serves on the NACD Southern California Chapter board and is a director of three global companies. He is a retired partner of PwC, where he spent 17 years living and working in Asia and served as a member of PwC’s Global Oversight Board.

Entries by Dean A. Yoost

Enhancing the Board's Global Perspective

March 28, 2016

There are (arguably) at least three approaches to enhancing the global perspective of the board. Dean A. Yoost and D.J. Peterson elucidate how to broaden your board's global lens.


Embracing Global Megatrends

April 10, 2015

Changing demographics, power structures, and more data create new oversight issues.


Corruption in China and Elsewhere Demands Board Oversight

July 23, 2013

Business practices in China are widely noncompliant. Anticipating and addressing corrupt activities require both a constancy of board leadership and management awareness.


Board Oversight of Risks in Emerging-Country Markets

July 20, 2012

While emerging markets promise new customer bases with rising consumption levels, they also pose unique risks that must be addressed.