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Alessia Falsarone

Alessia Falsarone is managing director at Pine-Bridge Investments in New York. Falsarone, a risk strategist, has spent
nearly two decades working alongside the leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies on three continents. She is a trustee of the Inter-School Orchestras of New York and an NACD Corporate Governance Fellow. Contact her at

Entries by Alessia Falsarone

Discounting Materiality for a Sustainable Future

June 5, 2017

Moving beyond short-term investment to seeing long-term value is a sustainability challenge for some boards.


Delivering Mission-Driven Shareholder Value: The PBC Balancing Act

May 23, 2016

By certifying with B Lab—and having to renew their certification every two years—organizations commit to the rigor of publicly reporting both the successes and failures of their sustainability efforts.